I visited the Shedd Aquarium and Field Museum for the first (and definitely not last) time yesterday (September 5th). I was in awe of the world that exists beneath our ocean floors. So vibrant…

The jellyfish exhibit struck me the most. They have no brains, blood, or bones and move in a singular, propelling motion that left me inadvertently staring at some of their tanks for minutes on end. They are so simple, yet beautiful creatures. And I think that’s one way to think about design: elegant features for essential functions. Maybe that’s the basis for a design for the “beautiful”.

Jellyfish 1






How about a design for the “necessary”:  essential features for essential functions… :

Design helps decide dinner

“Design helps decide dinner – The shape of an animal’s mouth, head, teeth, fins, and eyes all influence what kind of food it can – and can’t – eat.”





… and what is not essential should be eliminated.

Trends over time. From useful to useless
















Anyways, that’s what cnidaria and neanderthals taught me about design features and functions.

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