This post is a reflection on Punya’s blog post about skeuomorphism. I read that post after having read Bruce and Pool (the theme for this week’s readings is Design in Society) and it seems that maybe a reason for skeuomorphism is related to the the concept of innovation and its introduction into society.

I haven’t read beyond the wikipedia article about skeuomorphism but it seemed to me that the reason for this design decision is in reaction to/as a defense tactic against a possible “resistance to change”. Introducing an innovative product into a society will create much resistance at first especially when the product already exists in that society in different forms (e.g., real calculator vs a digital calculator). Maybe the way to create the least resistance is by fashioning the new form of the product in such a way to make it resemble as much as possible the old/original version of the product.

Humans are creatures of habit. Perhaps then camouflaging the new “innovation” to look like earlier versions of it helps in changing their habits and lessening the “push and pull” between society and the innovation.

Or maybe I’m reading too much into it and the reason for skeumorphism in some cases is just aesthetic.


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