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Welcome to EPET Club. The first task in EPET Club is to manage assistantships.

Welcome to EPET club

The first rule of assistantships is:  you talk to your advisor.
The second rule of assistantships is:  you TALK to your advisor!
Third rule of assistantships:  if (a) someone has a specific area of expertise, (b) attends seminars that are put on by the graduate school or by the Faculty and Organizational Development office, (c) wants a summer face-to-face teaching assistantship; seek opportunities outside the College of Education. Network.
Fourth rule:  balance between research assistantships and teaching assistantships.
Fifth rule:  but it all depends on your career goals, fellas, so try to stay a bit focused.
Sixth rule:  Not a face-to-face student, not a problem: You may come to campus and receive an assistantship for one semester.
Seventh rule: assistantships will usually be distributed a semester in advance.
And the eighth and final rule: whether this is your first time seeking an assistantship or not, you have to be an advocate for yourself.
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