As the academic year is wrapping up, I’m gathering the pieces for my annual review.  One of the items on my list is updating my website. William and I were having a conversation about our website’s homepages.  As I was looking for a more “welcoming” and static lead in into my online academic portfolio, William was asking how come I don’t use my blog as my homepage.  In fact, he noted how others shared the same opinion regarding not having one’s blog serve as the landing site for their website.  While I can’t speak for others, my thoughts on that were simple: I don’t blog that often and I surely don’t consider myself a “blogger”.  In my opinion, a homepage ought to say something about you as a scholar/researcher/teacher, etc…  It will also set the stage for your website’s overall design theme.

Also, we’ve been having conversations about homepages in the Design Studio as we’re planning the design of an EPET community site.  The question at every meeting seems to remain the same: “What do we want the homepage to say about the EPET community of students?”

Just some food for thought as you finalize the materials for the review.

[03/24/13] Updates:  As I tweaked my site some more, I realised the benefits of having a blog as a homepage.  Specifically, as we’re getting ready to head out to SITE this week, I’ll be looking forward to meeting new people and making new connections.  So I decided to move my blog to the forefront of my site.  The blog is the most dynamic part of a site and shows my most up-to-date activities.  I decided that showcasing these activities is the best way to go.  Maybe then, I’ll blog more often :)


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