A month ago, I started my fourth year in my program.  Having completed my coursework, practicum, and bulked up my CV a bit, all I have left are my comprehensive exam and dissertation.  Following that statement with that’s it would be an understatement.  A month ago, having a full year a head of me solely dedicated to pursuing my doctorate degree, I decided to get a puppy…  I am now the doggie momma to a three-month old shetland sheepdog I’ve named Riley.

rileyAdmittedly, part of me is terrified of carrying out a full blown dissertation and the pup is a convenient distraction and excuse.  Over the past month, however, I have noticed an increase in my productivity…  Apparently, Riley requires so much of my attention that when he’s taking his two-or so-hour doggie naps throughout the day, I’m engaging in meaningful and rigorous scholarly work and discourse.  And then it’s back to playing with the playful and precious pup…

In the past month, I’ve completed a book chapter, researched and written a proposal for another, completed my practicum, edited a possible publication, outlined a draft for another, found a direction for my comprehensive exam, started the comps paper annotation/note taking/outlining process… Not to mention I’m working quarter-time with the Design Studio and quarter-time with CEP820. Oh, and teaching Riley to sit, stay, lay down, stand back up, shake, high five, crawl, spin, and play dead.  We’ll be starting puppy obedience class at the end of September.

I guess having to wake up at 6am everyday and chase around a little rambunctious and restless Riley has added more scholarly productivity into my days – not to mention a ton of joy.

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