Why do we consider our tablets and smartphones mobile devices and not our laptops?  The latter are in fact mobile, however, they don’t necessarily come to mind when we think of the term mobile devices. This is a question that I’ve struggled with but quite frankly set it on a back burner.  I mean, I know what I mean when I say mobile devices, did I really have to explain myself why I mean my iPhone and not my MacBook?

While reading through the Handbook of Mobile Learning, I came across a framework set forth by Quinn (2011) that makes the distinction between all the different portable devices and provide somewhat of an explanation as to why we consider some devices mobile and others not.  He proposes an intimacy-immediacy matrix which makes sense as a starting point.  Read his entire blog post for a full explanation (full reference below) – yes, he first proposed the framework in a blog post.

Quinn, C. (2011). Intimacy & immediacy. Learnlets. Retrieved from: http://blog.learnlets.com/?p=2253


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