I recently received the following piece of advice: Know enough to be dangerous.

It’s such a simple statement but effective nonetheless when you consider the skill sets favoured in today’s world.  Being in a doctoral program, the assumption and expectation is that you become highly knowledgeable in one specific area of research.  The more you know in that field, the more highly you are regarded as an expert.  The knowledge and sets of skills that true experts possess, however, go beyond their immediate area of expertise.  As a mobile learning scholar, I need to also consider (to know enough about) things like teaching with mobile devices, issues related to accessibility and usability, designing mobile apps, human-computer interactions, and so on…

Today, it’s all about being an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary scholar.  Know enough to talk intelligently about a topic you have little background knowledge in.  Know enough to know when someone is full of hot air.  Know enough to bring forth unexpected issues and considerations to the table.  Know enough to make yourself a desirable candidate to potential employers.  Know enough to be dangerous.

Image adapted from http://jrweinman.deviantart.com

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