Since October 2103, as part of the Master’s in Educational Technology (MAET) outreach initiative,  Josh Rosenberg and I have been working on organizing a free Mobile Learning workshop for Michigan K-12 teachers.  Finally, after months of planning guided by the MAET co-director Dr. Leigh Graves Wolf, the workshop took place on Saturday February, 22nd with 20 teachers and educators in attendance.  In addition to organizing the workshop, Josh and I had the pleasure to lead several workshop sessions along with Alex Gonzalez, Craig McMichael, and Elson Liu.

As a scholar, researcher, and doctoral student in the Educational Psychology and Educational Technology program, I have always felt that my Achilles’ heel is my lack of experience in all things related to teaching at the K-12 level.  As such, this workshop proved to be a tremendous learning experience for me.  I am grateful for having had the opportunity to meet with K-12 teachers and learn from them about the practical issues in using mobile devices in their classrooms.

While preparing my workshop presentations,  I decided that I wanted to expose the audience members to helpful, useful, and practical, research-based ideas related to incorporating mobile devices into their teaching.  My first presentation tackled the issue of using mobile devices to create seamless learning environments:

Abstract: Mobile devices have the potential to connect the learning that goes on within school walls to that which occurs beyond classroom settings. This session will provide you with practical ideas drawn from research for how to create such a seamless learning environment.

My second presentation was aimed at introducing the teachers in the audience to an effective research-based strategy that would help them design effective mobile learning activities:

Abstract: Incorporating mobile devices in your learning activities needs to be done with much consideration. This session will introduce you to different strategies you can use to design effective mobile learning activities.

I would like to thank all the attendees who made this workshop a success, Josh for co-organizing, Leigh for supervising, Alex, Craig, and Elson for presenting, and Kathryn Oleszkowicz for making sure that everything ran smoothly the day of the workshop.

Additional links:
Workshop syllabus
Mobile Learning Guide (a collaborative effort by the workshop attendees to develop a Mobile Learning Guide)

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