MAETBridgeAs part of it’s outreach mission, the Master’s in Educational Technology (MAET) program at Michigan State University hosts a webinar series – The Bridge –  to bring you conversations from the intersection of educational research and practice.

I had the privilege to participate in this week’s webinar on Mobile Learning in the Classroom along with Brett Kopf, co-founder and CEO of Remind101Candace Marcotte, an instructional technology facilitator in the Chicago area, and Josh Rosenberg, a fellow colleague and graduate student in the Educational Psychology and Educational Technology program.  Dr. Michelle Schira Hagerman and Rohit Mehta were our lovely co-hosts.

The webinar discussion began with the following question: How are teachers using mobile learning in the classroom?  Watch the full video below to see the conversation unfold.


Image courtesy The Bridge
Mobile Learning in the Classroom on the MSU Educational Technology blog and on The Bridge

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