Last year, I had the pleasure to collaborate with my advisor, Dr. Ralph Putnam, and write a book chapter on using mobile devices to connect the mathematics that students learn within the confines of a four-walled classroom to the mathematics that they encounter in their day-to-day lives.

This chapter is part of an edited book by Dr. Helen Crompton and Dr. John Traxler, two major players in the field of mobile learning. On March 1st, 2015, the book was published. Check it out on Amazon!

A little more about the book chapter…

Bridging the Gap: Using Mobile Devices to Connect Mathematics to Out-of-School Contexts

Cameras, recorders, and storyboard applications on mobile devices make it possible for teachers to create problems that are more realistic, relevant, and engaging for learners, and less dependent on textual presentation. They also make it possible for learners to create problems themselves, further developing their understanding of connections between the mathematics and situations. In this chapter, we present an integrated framework that will help teachers design mobile learning activities to connect in-school to out-of-school mathematics. This framework highlights the importance of considering the interplay, integration, and interdependence between the affordances of mobile devices, the mathematics learning goals, and the learning activity types.

A little more about the edited book…

Mobile Learning and Mathematics: Foundations, Design, and Case Studies

mobile math 2Mobile Learning and Mathematics provides an overview of current research on how mobile devices are supporting mathematics educators in classrooms across the globe. Through nine case studies, chapter authors investigate the use of mobile technologies over a range of grade levels and mathematical topics, while connecting chapters provide a strong foundational background in mobile learning theories, instructional design, and learner support.

For current educators, Mobile Learning and Mathematics provides concrete ideas and strategies for integrating mobile learning into their mathematics instruction—for example, by sharing resources that will help implement Common Core State Standards, or by streamlining the process of selecting from the competing and often confusing technology options currently available. A cutting edge research volume, this collection also provides a springboard for educational researchers to conduct further study.

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