CEP 981: Research on Literacy and Technology_WORKSPACE

Scholarly Project_Semantic Web of Implications

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Abstract: The World Wide Web is on the cusp of an infrastructural evolution known as the
Semantic Web (or Web 3.0). In this paper, I introduce and describe the Semantic Web
while giving a brief overview of how it works. The power of the Semantic Web comes
from the ability of Web application to derive meaning from user input. I also describe
one of its major offspring: semantic search engines. I continue on by describing the
impending implications of using semantic search engines on information literacy
practices and learning outcomes.

Course Project_Critical Literacy

As part of our course grade, we had to work in a group, “choose our own literacy”, and present it to the class.  We picked critical literacy.   Also, we had to showcase a new methodological tool: We chose Storify.

Synthesis Projects

The course is centered around four main themes: (1) What is technology? (2) What is literacy? (3) How do literacy and technology intersect? and (4) What are the new literacies?

As part of our course grade, we had to collaborate with a classmate to respond to each of the above four pivotal questions.  The task was to read the assigned scholarly articles and book chapters, meet with your partner, and respond to the question for that week with a one-page explanation/representation. Our responses to those questions are featured below, just toggle between the images.  Please click on the More button to see full size representation of each work.